Charlie Kirby

I make websites.

Skilled in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP I’ve been creating clean, professional and functional websites for over 10 years. I work closely with my clients to help them deliver the products and services their customers expect.

Browse my recent work.A small work selection is show below. To view more examples please visit the site on a desktop.

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Meantime Media webdev / consultancy

The latest version of the Meantime Media site is in its third redesign, following a long term relationship of 8+ years with Company Director, Luke Billing.

Meantime are a creative video production and animation company, so it was imperative that both the design and build focused heavily on showcasing video projects, including incorporating video into site headers.

Meantime Media

Dialogix webdev / graphic design / consultancy

An ongoing partnership, this the latest version of the Dialogix site. This minimal website is aimed at guiding users to various, predominantly offline, activations. Past versions of the site have included online training functionality, and a webshop.

In addition to the site, I’ve assisted Dialogix with implementing newsletters, the creation of various printed materials, and general webdev consultancy around app creation and more.


DMSL Group webdev

DMSL offers a portfolio of business services and products via a network of telecoms and IT specialists across the UK, designed to get customers working and communicating better and more cost-effectively.

DMSL and Cloud Telephones sites predominantly serve a B2B audience, including a reseller portal which includes resource libraries and a support/status feed for resellers to utilise. Broadband and Phones is a product comparison site that is offered as a service to resellers, and can be branded with their own bespoke information & design elements. Core site content is controlled from the Master site, which feeds into 150+ reseller sites.

DMSL Company Site
Broadband and Phones
Cloud Telephones

Amy Elizabeth Hill webdev

Designed and built a personalised website with custom image duotone functionality.

Amy Elizabeth Hill

Ad Republic Blog Network webdev / graphic design / consultancy

An ongoing network of affiliate marketing sites, focusing on product reviews across a variety of retail sectors.

Having worked closely with Clive as a client for 6+ years, the sites have continuously evolved, and incorporate tight Amazon & Google Adwords integration.

Hobby Help
DIY Garden
Pillow Picker
Drum Helper

Greens Of Soham webdev / network management

A build and development of family sites sharing core design and functionality for the GoS group of companies, itself a sub of Spearhead International.

Designed to mimic sister site TopFarms, with additional functionality including: Map, Sub Farms and Careers.

Greens Of Soham Main Site

First 4 Contractors webdev / crm integration

A one time build incorporating CRM integration, A/B testing and Google Adwords.

First 4 Contractors

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust webdev / support

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is a UK plus size fashion and lingerie blog run by Georgina Horne.

We worked together to create an updated version of her existing site, re-vamping the front end with a new logo, decluttering older projects, and highlighting specific, new content.

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust